Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kick Off

Hey guys,
My name is Lynden Jensen; I am currently an 18 yr old living in Maple Ridge. British Columbia (Canada). I have only recently started blogging and more recently switched over to this sight. My interests range and include, Politics, guitar, music composition, music, world events, philosophy, physiology, negotiation and sales techniques, history, Financial investments and dealings, body language, Religion, Historical religion, Christianity, and much more. I am out of High school and am by trade a sub-contractor, working at cabinet installation, though I have had a large range of employment including Metal working, Butcher, Sales, Stocking, as well as a few labor jobs. I am living a pretty good life, good parents, friends, and good upbringing. I am a practicing Christian.
I am writing this mainly for my own purposes, to put my thoughts in ink, (even virtual ink is ok) to talk myself through things, and is also for my entertainment, but the mere idea that someone else would care what or even read what I’m musing about thrills me, and as such I sincerely thank you for coming and invite you to read on. Please leave comments; your input is important to me. Now to get on with it, today I am just going to give you a very basic outline of my history.
I have moved around a lot, always in Canada. I was born in Lethbridge, Alberta (From ages 0-2), I then moved to Lloydminster on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border (Alberta side) (2-4), from there I moved to Cornwall, Prince Edward Island (PEI), which I loved (4-10), then to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Best of times (10-15) and now Maple Ridge, British Columbia (15-18)
Interesting to me is the first memory I have is in Lloydminister, I actually remember quite a lot about that place. I miss PEI and SK the most, those where the days. There you go my, life story.
I have been to.... 8 different schools in my life (3 high schools (gr9-12)) and was home schooled one year (grade 6), so that makes a total of 9 of the 13 years of school spent in a "new" school environment. FUN!! I have a cat and a dog, a beagle! And who cares what the cat is. I like some movies but sometimes get overly critical of them, I’m not so much into most series, and there are a few I like but not too many. I like to play bored games, which may seam a little strange to some but I enjoy it.
I’m going to separate topics, the five main ones I have in my mind at the moment are:
I’ll start off by doing a mini-Kick off for each subject, explaining my goals for the Blogging subject and what to expect.
Personally I don’t think I’m all that inclined to talk about myself so that last may be a little neglected, I may in the future add more sections. Some possible sections that I am thinking about now are: Science and Technology, Current events, History, Psychology and Human Studies. A lot of these will be found in all the above subjects and are a little more specific. At this starting point I will just keep it very basic and in time I will probably expand. I warn you now that I can be a very unpredictable writer, for a week I may write everyday and then the next week a will write nothing at all, I’m just like that, so bare with me as I make an effort to keep this blog!
Once again thanks for reading, I hope you found something interesting on this site, or something that made you think. Please leave comments even if they are like "You should really take some Riddlin" or "I don't like your politics section” Preferably something that will help me understand how you guys respond to this, so I can make a better site. Once again you can contact me at (, if you have any questions, comments, insults, insights, typos, problems, if you see something you like, if you see something you don't like, or you just want to talk! Have an outstanding day!
Lynden Jensen

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dino said...

I had no idea that you had any sort of blog. I'll be keeping this in my trusted Google Reader.


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