Sunday, April 8, 2007

My Musical Alignment

In this blog I’m going to discuss my musical background, my musical progression, my current musical alignment and why this is important for this blog.
I’m going to start with my personal musical history. When I was young I started taking piano lessons from an older single man with several cats. It was rather strange and I really didn’t learn a whole lot, though I admit that since my parents were forcing me to go to piano lessons I wasn’t trying as much as I could have. I am very grateful that my parents forced me to take piano lessons because it gave me the very basics of music, it made me more aware of the musical culture and diversity, and gave me a greater appreciation for music. I believe this is a familiar story to many of you, as I have heard a lot of you relate a similar story.
I went through many teachers in the 5 years that I took piano, but I never really had a deep love or connection to the piano. I was never excited to play it, except when I learned this one blues piece that rocked, and taught myself duel of the fates.
When I reached grade 6 I had the option of switching over from piano to a “band” instrument. I took the way out and was actually starting to look forward to music. My first choice was percussion, but my parents talked to someone that said that to play percussion you had to have 4 years of piano where I only had three. (Incidentally our bands main percussionist had less piano experience then I did, and was the best percussionist in the school, better than any of the grade 8s), My second choice was saxophone which they told me my fingers were too small... Anyhow despite the crud that people told me, I then was left with a couple mainstream choices; the clarinet, which by and large I saw as a woman’s instrument (my youngest brother is now learning this instrument), the tuba, which is the instrument of choice for fat men, the trombone, which looked too much like exercise. The French Horn, which can’t be good seeing as who made it! And a couple other no-name brands. And of course the instrument that I ended up with, the Trumpet!
I kept with the trumpet unfaithfully for three years and then I entered high school, in which I shunned band nerds. Then in grade 10 I started playing the guitar, which I quickly got obsessed with as it was my first voluntary instrument. Eventually I rediscovered the piano, though I cannot claim to be proficient and reading music or anything more than fooling around. I also started a band with my cohorts Oli and Artem, which was a thorough disgrace, but we were all starting so it was to be expected.
So now to talk about my personal musical progression; The first time I was really interested in music about grade 8, I got a big stereo system (3 disc changer, tuner, tape deck) and I listened to the radio and recorded the songs onto my tape deck. I listened to the pop music, as that is what they played at the time. At that point there were a lot of boy bands out, along with such monstrosities as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, I really didn’t care for that stuff, but I admit that I enjoyed some borderline boy band music, a song here and there. I also enjoyed the popular U2 songs, and some real laid back rock.
Then I discovered the guitar, that’s when I started to listen closer to the music and specifically to the guitars, and composition, as such I started to search for songs and artists who were revolutionary and expanding the view of the music world. Also I went off on the “Punk Rock” tangent, which included bands such as Rufio, Sum41, Three Days Grace, Story of the Year, Saosin, Yellowcard, The Rasmus. Many of which I still listen to, though not as faithfully as I have in years gone by. At about this point I upgraded to getting music off the internet.
More recently I have been expanding my musical spectrum, to include some softer stuff (Coldplay, The Eagles, The Beatles, ect.) , Borderline Metal (Static X, Linkin Park, Ozzy, Element Eighty, Etc.), some country (Johnny Cash, Rascal Flatts, Bon Jovi, Etc.), Some Newfi music (Great Big Sea) also expanding back to the Classics (Deep Purple, Van Halen, The Eagles, The Beatles, Guns n’ Roses, Aerosmith, Don McLean, Eric Clapton, Etc.).
About a year ago I actually starting buying CDs instead of pirating them, as I have developed a terrible thing called ethics. As such I have a growing list of CDs, and a growing appreciation for the artists and songs themselves. I would encourage all of you out there that are currently pirating music, to make the transition to buying your music, and support your artists. That being said, take a look at this Music Video!
And why am I telling you this? Well as this section is going to be primarily about my view on music, equipment, Artists, and everything else like it, I think it is vital that you know where I come from, so you know as weather you share my views and tastes in music. If you’re a hardcore gangster rapper, then you probably won’t find my opinion about rap worth much, or music in general. On the other hand if you are really into rock, and these bands (and the bands to come) interest you, you may be able to trust my tastes, and heaven forbid that something I say may benefit you! Once again I am a victim or rock and roll, and if you are too, then I may have something for you.
In my next post I will be doing a review, most likely about one of the CDs I own. Have a good one guys, thanks for reading. Feel free to comment!


Sunday, April 1, 2007


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