Friday, March 30, 2007

Personal Posts

Personal Kick Off
This is my first blog under the subheading of "Personal". In it I discuss what to expect in this blog, and what I intend to make of it.

My farewell Talk : Knowledge
This is the last talk or sermon I gave in the Maple Ridge ward. I discuss the differences between secular knowledge and spiritual knowledge and why it is important to know the differance.

Personal Kick Off

Welcome to the delightful little spot I have prepared for my personal blogs. As the name may infer this subtopic is to about me! About my plans, about what’s happening in life, about my history, about experiences that shaped me, about my plans for my future, and little tidbits of myself… Which is why this is going to be the most neglected section of my blog.

I am generally a quiet person, and in general a much closed person, I don’t confide very much, I don’t share special experiences, I don’t tell you who I like, I don’t say when I’m sick, I don’t say when I feel like crud. I’m trying to change this to a degree because I realize that I need to rely on people and if I can’t do that then I’m going to live a very problematic life.

So what can you expect in this section? Not a whole lot! But I’m going to try to post on a regular basis. Though I admit the topic often bores me, and undoubtedly would bore you if I actually posted on a frequent basis, so I will limit it to updates and important events. Thanks for checking this out. Give me ideas on what to put here! Have a good one guys.

Lynden Jensen

Politics Posts

Political Kick Off
My first post under the subtitle "Political". It contains an explanation of what this topic is about, where I come from in a political viewpoint, a brief viewpoint of mine on the US. Also contains purpose of topic, and what to expect.

Credit: The American Way - Park I
This is the first section of a series entitled “Credit: The American way”, which purpose is to discuss financial issues in society yesterday, today and tomorrow. This first increment of series will deal with personal debts, the increase thereof, and the issues that we face because of it.

Political Kick Off

Hey! Welcome to my Political section of my site. Here I will be discussing current events, past events, and future events. The topic “Political” may be a little misleading, as I will undoubtedly dwell more on events rather than the actual current politics, even more so in Canadian politics. A better heading may be Current events, or World Events. But neither would be quite true, so I stuck with the broader “Political”.

As I am Canadian I tend to have a very critical view on government and the United States, also because I am Canadian I have a very patriotic Nature, but not in the way that many Americans would recognize. Yes I criticize my government, yes I realize that Canada’s military is quantitatively inferior to the United States, and yes I believe in cultural diversity. Yet I have great love and appreciation for my country and don’t wish to live outside it for any long period of time. This I believe is a more helpful patriotism then the blind ignorant patriotism I have seen in some Americans.

I love history, and as such I will also talk about events hundreds and thousands of years back, and their effect or possible effects on society and a few “What if” situations. I will explore reasons and trends in society, how past events mirror current circumstances and how we cannot be so ignorant to think it won’t happen again.

In this section I will also talk about current events, on a ‘while they happen’ basis. This includes politics, sports events, technology, science, and news in general.

A center the I have is event and politics in the United States Of America, I will often speak of American politics and events, I am at times critical, maybe more often than not, but it is better to be overcritical of ones methods and government then to say what a great job they are doing when they’re not doing a good job at all…. Ok time to stop hating on the American, to be totally honest awareness is growing, and ignorance is being lost in America, good on them! Let me help you a bit. Enjoy!

Lynden Jensen

Religon Posts

Religion Kick Off
This is my first post under the subtitle of "Religion". It gives a brief background of my religious progression. It outlines what you can expect to see in this subtopic, along with the purposes of the topic.

The Worlds Religious Composition
This article discussing the major world religions today, and gives a brief summery of their origins, history, leaders, beliefs and sacred documents. It discusses the worlds religious composition by adherents for the better understanding and acceptance of those of faith around us.

Music Posts

Musical Kick Off
My first post in the "Music" subheading. It discusses the purpose of the Music subtopic, my goals, what to expect, along with some of my basic musical history.

My Musical Alignment
A musical history of myself, including both my musical talents and my musical tastes. Also includes my past influences and present likes and dislikes. This is important to know so you may know my basis and referace points, in my views.

Musical Review : Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight
My musical review of the new Linkin Park album "Minutes To Midnight". which includes link to hear the full songs, watch the music videos, and read the lyrics.

Musical Equipment Review : Digitech GNX4 Workstation
My musical review of Digitechs GNX 4 Workstation, a amp modeler and effects board. I discuss the evolution of the GNX series, the alternative options, and examine the GNX4.

General Posts

Kick Off
My first post on blogger, an introduction to myself and my views. I outline my purposes for this site, and the format I will be using along with a brief outline of my history and education.

A history and explanation of Saint Valentine's Day.

Book Reivew- The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
A book review of the popular 2009 Dan Brown book The Lost Symbol.

Religion Kick Off

This is my religion Kick off post. As many of you know, I am religious, and have had an interest in religion in general for a while now. This post is for the most part to get my musing out there, and to try to talk through religion. I myself am Christian, and as such will be focusing on the origins of Christianity. Firstly as it was in the Old Testament, Secondly after Christ came, and thirdly Christianity today. I have a particular interest in early Christianity (0-1800a.d.) as a lot of even Christians even seem to be blissfully ignorant of many fundamental facts. As is demonstrated with all this new Christianity hype (Gospel of Judas, The Da Vinci Code, Christ’s Tomb, ect).
A couple years I ago I became religious, that meaning that I received a witness that there was a God, and that there indeed was and is a Christ. I’ll discuss this in a later post, but since then I set a goal for myself, once I had a knowledge I realized that some of the knowledge of the world seemed to contradict that belief, at this point I conceived my goal. My goal was to know religion. Saying this, I realized that it was an impossible feat but I was determined to know at least to a basic level what religion was. My plan?
1) Know and study beyond the norm and standard knowledge, my own religion. This includes theology, history, doctrine, administration, controversy and spirituality.
2) Study Christianity in general, the largest sects and the most prominent denominations, to know the basic beliefs of those sects and once again to learn and understand their theology, history, doctrine, administration, controversy and spirituality.
3) To study the basic world religions, similar to goal two but replace ‘Christianity’ with world religions.
My strong belief is that if you want to know your religion, you have to have a firm knowledge of other religions.
In my posts you can expect some controversial musings, but that’s religion for you. Religion is number one reason for death, which I think is insanely hypocritical and stupid. When I am talking about Christianity theology I will undoubtedly use bible references. Don’t freak out, the reason I will be using scriptures, is as it is Christian theology it is assumes that we take the bible to be factual and in fact inspired by God. So I’m not trying Christianity because the Bible said so, I am merely musing to fellow Christians, and for those others who wish to know what the Christian religions is all about. I will also give references and links to the scriptures so you can peruse through by yourself, make sure I’m not lying to you, or come to your own conclusions.
As for commenting on religious articles, I would ask not to get into an argument about the topic, or to insult or belittle any religion or person. Don’t post a lengthy article please; notice it says comments not discussion. Email me if you wish to talk about a topic. Thanks!
Lynden Jensen

Musical Kick Off

So this is my Musical Kick off post. Personally I have always loved music, weather its hard rock or classical. I have a particular appreciation for classical style music, especially classical guitar. When I first really started to get addicted to music when I was around 10, I listened to the radio and recorded some songs off the radio onto my tape deck. I progressed and started using the internet, and only in the last couple years have I really been buying music on a regular basis.

The first part of this blog will be discussing music in general, the quality, the current popular genres and songs, the classics, looking for people who really know what they were doing in the music industry and in the musical field. I plan to post several reviews of CD’s, but keep in mind that I have my own tastes and as with any review a lot of its content if not most is subject to what I value in music, and what I consider ‘good’. That being said if you find your musical tastes are similar to mine then you can rely more on my reviews then someone who’s into hard core gangster rap (which I am not).

The second part to this blog will be discussing musical composition, instruments, gear, probably a little bit of theory if I feel I want to post some. Most of these have a general center on the garage band, and an even more intense focus on the guitar itself, as I am also an addicted guitar player. Also I record music both digitally and a few analog recordings, I record onto my equipment and/or onto my computer so in all likelihood I will be discussing computer musical software and recording software and technique. Also in this section I will be giving reviews on various items (once again usually guitar related).

That’s all for this post! Have a good one!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kick Off

Hey guys,
My name is Lynden Jensen; I am currently an 18 yr old living in Maple Ridge. British Columbia (Canada). I have only recently started blogging and more recently switched over to this sight. My interests range and include, Politics, guitar, music composition, music, world events, philosophy, physiology, negotiation and sales techniques, history, Financial investments and dealings, body language, Religion, Historical religion, Christianity, and much more. I am out of High school and am by trade a sub-contractor, working at cabinet installation, though I have had a large range of employment including Metal working, Butcher, Sales, Stocking, as well as a few labor jobs. I am living a pretty good life, good parents, friends, and good upbringing. I am a practicing Christian.
I am writing this mainly for my own purposes, to put my thoughts in ink, (even virtual ink is ok) to talk myself through things, and is also for my entertainment, but the mere idea that someone else would care what or even read what I’m musing about thrills me, and as such I sincerely thank you for coming and invite you to read on. Please leave comments; your input is important to me. Now to get on with it, today I am just going to give you a very basic outline of my history.
I have moved around a lot, always in Canada. I was born in Lethbridge, Alberta (From ages 0-2), I then moved to Lloydminster on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border (Alberta side) (2-4), from there I moved to Cornwall, Prince Edward Island (PEI), which I loved (4-10), then to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Best of times (10-15) and now Maple Ridge, British Columbia (15-18)
Interesting to me is the first memory I have is in Lloydminister, I actually remember quite a lot about that place. I miss PEI and SK the most, those where the days. There you go my, life story.
I have been to.... 8 different schools in my life (3 high schools (gr9-12)) and was home schooled one year (grade 6), so that makes a total of 9 of the 13 years of school spent in a "new" school environment. FUN!! I have a cat and a dog, a beagle! And who cares what the cat is. I like some movies but sometimes get overly critical of them, I’m not so much into most series, and there are a few I like but not too many. I like to play bored games, which may seam a little strange to some but I enjoy it.
I’m going to separate topics, the five main ones I have in my mind at the moment are:
I’ll start off by doing a mini-Kick off for each subject, explaining my goals for the Blogging subject and what to expect.
Personally I don’t think I’m all that inclined to talk about myself so that last may be a little neglected, I may in the future add more sections. Some possible sections that I am thinking about now are: Science and Technology, Current events, History, Psychology and Human Studies. A lot of these will be found in all the above subjects and are a little more specific. At this starting point I will just keep it very basic and in time I will probably expand. I warn you now that I can be a very unpredictable writer, for a week I may write everyday and then the next week a will write nothing at all, I’m just like that, so bare with me as I make an effort to keep this blog!
Once again thanks for reading, I hope you found something interesting on this site, or something that made you think. Please leave comments even if they are like "You should really take some Riddlin" or "I don't like your politics section” Preferably something that will help me understand how you guys respond to this, so I can make a better site. Once again you can contact me at (, if you have any questions, comments, insults, insights, typos, problems, if you see something you like, if you see something you don't like, or you just want to talk! Have an outstanding day!
Lynden Jensen


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