Friday, March 30, 2007

Religion Kick Off

This is my religion Kick off post. As many of you know, I am religious, and have had an interest in religion in general for a while now. This post is for the most part to get my musing out there, and to try to talk through religion. I myself am Christian, and as such will be focusing on the origins of Christianity. Firstly as it was in the Old Testament, Secondly after Christ came, and thirdly Christianity today. I have a particular interest in early Christianity (0-1800a.d.) as a lot of even Christians even seem to be blissfully ignorant of many fundamental facts. As is demonstrated with all this new Christianity hype (Gospel of Judas, The Da Vinci Code, Christ’s Tomb, ect).
A couple years I ago I became religious, that meaning that I received a witness that there was a God, and that there indeed was and is a Christ. I’ll discuss this in a later post, but since then I set a goal for myself, once I had a knowledge I realized that some of the knowledge of the world seemed to contradict that belief, at this point I conceived my goal. My goal was to know religion. Saying this, I realized that it was an impossible feat but I was determined to know at least to a basic level what religion was. My plan?
1) Know and study beyond the norm and standard knowledge, my own religion. This includes theology, history, doctrine, administration, controversy and spirituality.
2) Study Christianity in general, the largest sects and the most prominent denominations, to know the basic beliefs of those sects and once again to learn and understand their theology, history, doctrine, administration, controversy and spirituality.
3) To study the basic world religions, similar to goal two but replace ‘Christianity’ with world religions.
My strong belief is that if you want to know your religion, you have to have a firm knowledge of other religions.
In my posts you can expect some controversial musings, but that’s religion for you. Religion is number one reason for death, which I think is insanely hypocritical and stupid. When I am talking about Christianity theology I will undoubtedly use bible references. Don’t freak out, the reason I will be using scriptures, is as it is Christian theology it is assumes that we take the bible to be factual and in fact inspired by God. So I’m not trying Christianity because the Bible said so, I am merely musing to fellow Christians, and for those others who wish to know what the Christian religions is all about. I will also give references and links to the scriptures so you can peruse through by yourself, make sure I’m not lying to you, or come to your own conclusions.
As for commenting on religious articles, I would ask not to get into an argument about the topic, or to insult or belittle any religion or person. Don’t post a lengthy article please; notice it says comments not discussion. Email me if you wish to talk about a topic. Thanks!
Lynden Jensen

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