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Welcome to the Blog of Lynden Jensen, I hope you find something here that will interest you and possible give you something to think about. I just want to thank you now for checking my site out!

This page is to first and fore mostly give you a warm welcome! Also it is a guide to help you navigate through my web site and to see what is new.

You notice that on the right sidebar at the top it shows my picture, a brief description and a click able link to my profile, I would encourage and invite you to view my profile, in my profile I have, my general information(Age, gender, location, occupation, Interests) along with a list of some of the bands I enjoy, a Picture of me, and a audio sample, which yours truly composed.

As you can see on the right sidebar there is also a navigation bar that will direct you to posts in my topics which are at the moment “General, Music, Religion, Politics, and Personal” to the right of each of these topics is a link (List) that will direct you to a page that shows a list of the posts of the particular subtopic and a brief description of the post. This is ideal for searching by topic, or finding a post that you had read earlier. Again on the right sidebar, under each of my topics are the posts dated oldest to newest. You will also notice that there is a “Kick Off” post for each topic. These discuss what to expect in the topic, and explain the purpose of the particular subject blogs; it is a good introduction to start with the subject.

Below this are several topical links each corresponding with their subject blog above. These are links that I have found very useful in my posting, reasoning’s, entertainment, knowledge based research, information, resources, and more generally just interesting sites. Again please check them out and tell me if you have links that you think are worthwhile, or would add necessary information.
Below this are a few polls which I have posted, I encourage you to vote on them once, and only once.

Below the links and polls I have posts some excellent blogs that I have found, either through friends or the web. Check them out as they are highly interesting, intellectual and above all they show great quality in their blog contents and presentation. Please support then and comment on their sites, as all bloggers enjoy feedback.

And finally below that are search and archive helps for subjects and posts found on my site. Another helpful took in the navigation of my site.

If you are interested in my most recent work, you can find it here.
Once again thanks for visiting and I hope that you will return often. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and any feedback you have. I would just ask that you do not post comments that are racist, sexist, explicit, bigotries, or derogating in any way. Please enjoy this site!
Lynden Jensen


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